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Training the next generation of scientists starts in their primary education. Having a fundamental understanding of chemistry sets students up for success in pursuing any Science/Technology/Engineering/Math (STEM) degree in college. From my experience as a teaching assistant for general chemistry at University of Illinois, I observed that unfortunately, the course seemed designed to “weed out” who did not already have a basic grasp of chemistry from high school. General chemistry is almost always a requirement for any STEM major, from animal science to mechanical engineering. It was devastating watching students consider switching majors and changing their plan all because they were struggling with a class that is not even one of their core requirements. As a tutor, I can help ensure that does not happen to you.

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I have six years of tutoring and teaching experience. At Rollins College, I was selected to be a tutor by professors in the Chemistry Department in which I tutored 2 – 15 general chemistry students in a group setting weekly. Additionally, I tutored one-on-one through Rollins Tutoring and Writing Center for general chemistry, organic chemistry, and assisted with scientific writing. I had numerous students who would specifically make appointments with me.

As a teaching assistant for general chemistry at University of Illinois, I oversaw 100 students and would assess what concepts from the main lecture were unclear, or what was completely not taught, and provide short lectures on those topics as well as walking them through problem sets and provided detailed feedback on their graded assignments. I went above and beyond my teaching duties to host study sessions for exams, that even students in other general chemistry sections would attend. I was ranked as excellent by students based on anonymous and optional student reviews. I continued to care about student success as a teaching assistant for inorganic chemistry and inorganic laboratory classes by providing detailed feedback on problem sets, exams, lab reports, and hosting additional office hours prior to exams.

Tutoring Philosophy

Every student is unique and that is represented in their learning abilities. I understand that sometimes concepts need to be explained in different manners to different students. I like to fully walk the student through the problem as I ask probing questions, write out all my work, and explain my reasoning along the way. I am not a fan of having the student simply memorize how to deal with a problem but rather ensure the student understands the underlying concepts and how to apply them to different problems. To make the concepts more exciting and relatable, I can even relate it to the research I performed myself and published to demonstrate the importance and utility of concepts such as stoichiometry, dimensional analysis, and dilution calculations. I look forward to helping you understand chemistry!

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