A list of my publications is available on SemanticScholar. Below are publications and poster presentations.

Modeling Oxidase Metalloenzymes with dicobalt bis(μ-hydroxo) complexes. A. DeLucia, K. Kelly, K.C. Khanadand, L. Olshansky. Gordon Research Conference Bioinorganic Active Sites that Drive Challenging Chemical Conversions, Newport, RI, 2022. Poster.

Intramolecular Hydrogen-Bond Interactions Tune Reactivity in Biomimetic Bis(μ-hydroxo)dicobalt Complexes. Alyssa A. DeLucia, Kimberly A. Kelly, Kevin A. Herrera, Danielle L. Gray, and Lisa Olshansky Inorganic Chemistry 2021 60 (20), 15599-15609 DOI: 10.1021/acs.inorgchem.1c02210 [PDF]

Synthesis of Transition-Metal Catalysts for Industrially Relevant Reactions. Alyssa A. DeLucia, Kevin Omolo, Joseph Sadighi, and Laurel Habgood. ACS National Meeting Spring 2018. [Poster]

Senior Honor’s Thesis

Exploring Iron-NHC Complexes as Catalysts for Organic Reactions Alyssa A. DeLucia. Rollins College. 2018. [PDF]

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